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As a part of our services we also have a hire department, featuring a wide range of plant and equipment including ready to go BMA vehicles, cable pulling winches, high pressure blast trailer and generators to name a few, all at competitive rates.

Core Contracting Services is Quality and Safety Assured and have an ISO 9001 accredited system.

Our specialised equipment includes:

– 60KV AC Hipot
– 10KV megger
– Doble current injection set
– Earth mat tester
– Ratio Tester
– Portable Oil Di electric tester
– Fluke 9100 meter/ megger tester
– Micro ohm tester (ductor)
– E 60 infra red camera for thermal imaging
– 5 ton cable pulling winch
– Fluke Scope meter

and our workshop test voltages / capabilities include:

– 11 KV
– 3.3 KV
– 1000V